Arkam presents Summer Love on OHM Music


Arkam presents Summer Love on OHM MusicArkam presents Summer Love on OHM Music

Arkam Serves Up “Summer Love” Sentiments, Forthcoming on OHM Music!

While the crisp Autumn air inspires romantic nights by the fire, we remain forever twitterpated by the hot summer ambiance, long but forgotten. OHM Music mainstay, Arkam, encourages us to hold onto these daydreams, evoking images of poolside gatherings among friends, sunrise dips in the ocean while gulls sing overhead, and nights that you found yourself chasing your sweet summer crush. To keep these sun-baked vibes alive, Arkam presents “Summer Love”, a smoldering trance offering forthcoming November 20, 2020, on OHM Music!

You can feel the temperature rise from the very first bassline kick, leading the subconscious to arrive at your favorite late night watering hole. The low octave chug will keep you grounded in preparation for the heartbeat of the track, twinkling sound bites that imitate the butterflies residing deep in your stomach. There is no escaping the breathtaking twist within your anatomy as you lay eyes on your beloved. As the track opens up for a spectacular rise, you begin to move across the crowded room, anticipating a euphoric embrace. “Summer Love” is now in full effect and Arkam takes the opportunity to augment the passion with an explosion of uplifting melodics, cementing the blazing connection that will, some day, burn with nostalgia!

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Arkam – Summer Love (Extended Mix)
Arkam – Summer Love (Original Mix)


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