Caira presents Stay With Me on Summer Melody Records


Caira presents Stay With Me on Summer Melody RecordsCaira presents Stay With Me on Summer Melody Records

After his debut on Summer Melodies Vol.3, Finnish upriser Caira returns with a wonderful track Stay With Me, pairing with original, we have remixes from Skyhunter, Astrevea and Tristan Armes.

Known with his sounds on combining progressive house with trance elements, the original specialized on this fusion, uptempo beat and solid bassline with a strong and melodic lead, alongside with atmospheric pads and widen vocal chops, already a great start for the whole release. In a more melodic take, Skyhunter provides with a soothing and relaxing style of arrangement, more emphasizing on the reverb atmospheric elements and beautiful piano melodies.

Other two remixes are from the returning veterans, first we have the Norwegian Nistad, once again under his Astrevea guise, continuing his flavor of melodic goodness. Soft arps swimming within the sea of chords, pairing with subtle melodies and sunset vibes. Last but definitely not the least, towards a more trancy approach, Tristan Armes lifts up the original into a lively and uplifting moment, putting the splash of sun rays into a jar of happiness, leaving such vibes to Stay With you and Me. The main melody shines through in the climax, reaching the majestic and heaven-like state.

We hope you enjoy this melodic and wonderful package of treats, and let it stays with you!

Exclusive Release date: 22/05/2020 (Beatport, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer)

Global Release date: 05/06/2020

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Caira – Stay With Me (Original Mix)
Caira – Stay With Me (Skyhunter Remix)
Caira – Stay With Me (Astrevea Remix)
Caira – Stay With Me (Tristan Armes Remix)

Artist Name: Caira
Release Name: Stay With Me
Catalog Number: SMLD065
Type: Single