Mahaputra presents On My Way on OHM Music


Mahaputra presents On My Way on OHM MusicMahaputra presents On My Way on OHM Music

Mahaputra prepares his spot on the OHM Music roster with “On My Way”!

As we continue to dig deep in search of the tastemakers that will lead us into the future of electronic dance music there is one man that has quickly proven his worth. His name is Mahaputra, a trance and progressive house dynamo from Jakarta, Indonesia, with a musical resume that has taken his fans on a sublime expedition into the vast beyond. Today the stars begin to gather in alignment for his forthcoming debut release on OHM Music, appropriately titled “On My Way”.

So, let’s welcome him to the family as we explore all that there is to know about the track that will surely continue to expand his domination in our beloved scene…..

Peaceful and serene is how Mahaputra chooses to kick things off, delivering us into a dreamland that quickly turns heel as a synthetic punch takes front and center. It is impossible not to feel your body connecting with the rhythm as the chugging bassline highlights an array of techy vibes and melodic hints of heavenly charm. Designed with a sweet treat that arrives in the latter half of the track, our eardrums are graced with a lyrical bite, fine-tuned with a celestial echo. This is a track that will engage the masses as we are launched into the realm of astronomical wonderment, born to settle in on headlining tracklists for many moons to come.

Just in the last few months, Mahaputra has been turning heads from the likes of the industry elite. In fact, it was Cosmic Gate who named Mahaputra’s “The Way Back” as #BIGBANG of the Week on Wake Your Mind episode 271, and Kyau & Albert who showered down the love for “I Love U” on the August edition of Euphonic Sessions. Now, it is time for Mahaputra’s latest dance floor offering to get in on all of the accolades and with the backing of OHM Music, “On My Way” carves a wide path straight to the doorway of success!

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1. Mahaputra – On My Way (Extended Mix) [OHM]
2. Mahaputra – On My Way (Original Mix) [OHM]


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