Rafael Osmo presents Custom plus Raash on Perfecto Records


Rafael Osmo presents Custom plus Raash on Perfecto RecordsRafael Osmo presents Custom plus Raash on Perfecto Records

It is a great pleasure to welcome back Rafael Osmo to Perfecto. Rafael has supplied us with some stunning aural treats on more than one occasion. His new EP has landed on Perfecto soil and in it contains two tracks that purely showcase the artist’s never ending versatility.

Custom’s brilliance is in the details and its subtle progression, which in turn unveils a plethora of layers and elements within. Beautifully constructed, it is stacked with just the right ingredients any dance music lover craves. Hypnotic grooves, venomous synths, curious effects, an assortment of vocal fx drowned in echoes and ultimately filled with some seriously addictive leads.

Raash is deep, proggy and builds like a dream. Once inside you will definitely encounter pounding percussion, buzzing yet talkative basslines, spacey effects, driving melodies and some truly majestic strings that undoubtedly add an extra ounce of regal air and a tad of drama to the track at hand.

An EP that will seriously captivate your mind no matter which track you fall for!

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1. Rafael Osmo – Custom (Extended Mix) [Perfecto]
2. Rafael Osmo – Raash (Extended Mix) [Perfecto]
3. Rafael Osmo – Custom (Original Mix) [Perfecto]
4. Rafael Osmo – Raash (Original Mix) [Perfecto]


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