Reznor presents 2800 Miles EP on Scorchin Records


Reznor presents 2800 Miles EP on Scorchin RecordsReznor presents 2800 Miles EP on Scorchin Records

Reznor hasn’t been steady in the last couple of months, so with this extra time on his side – the pandemic, he had a lot to think, create, produce and release in the same time. When it comes to his musical productions, busy is good, so by 12th of June, the time of its release, “2800 Miles EP” will deliver his creation with an appealing looseness that makes his music sound like a good time.

Listening to Rahat Reznor’s early productions such as ‘Resilience,’ ‘Spacelight,’ ‘Regret,’ ‘Glencoe’ and ‘Let The Past Die’, both recently released, it’s straightforward: a melodic, experimental, boundaryless beat, with a simple looped vocal sample from time to time. To me, this is a continuous change, discovering, or else rediscovering himself as an artist and as an individual as well.

Being a new upcoming artist and with a lot to give to a Trance Progressive vivid listener, he is the one to watch and with his melodic lines, this EP in particular is perfect for endless replays. The New York-raised, recently moved to San Francisco gaming aficionado has a very refreshing style, so with his first release on Scorchin Records, will widen his musical horizon for sure.

“2800 Miles” could be one of the many tracks in a playlist for long distance relationships, so in these though times, when anyone is missing someone right now, as they worth every mile between themselves, this is a must. The track is freer, lusher, brighter than anything he has done before.

On “Dearly Beloved” he blends the rushed cadence of traditional trance sound with an eclectic unforgettable noise with a weird sense of calm, something that a real gamer can easily relate to, indulgent and easy to access – fantasy meets medieval times. This track succeeded to achieve that level of perfection; in his own words, these are the “original roots of trance aiming to capture the old school feel that many of us fell in love with” in the first place.

Written by Cosmin Lukacs ( admin/founder)

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Reznor – 2800 Miles (Original Mix)
Reznor – Dearly Beloved (Original Mix)
Reznor – 2800 Miles (Extended Mix)
Reznor – Dearly Beloved (Extended Mix)






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