Interview with Orkidea Anticipating Upcoming Performance with Inoki Party



Today we bring you an interview from Finnish trance sensation Orkidea. Orkidea is performing in New York on Saturday April 30th for the first time in Brooklyn at 37 Greenpoint Avenue with Inoki Party!

TranceSound: Hey Tapio, great to hear from you. What’s new?

Orkidea: It’s all new and all the same I guess! Music, gigs, events, sound design and enjoying life.


TranceSound: I know you have a lot of great releases in the works? Any information you can share with us on that topic?

Orkidea: Lots of new music with Solarstone remix of Glowing Skies, Jerome Isma-ae and Gai Barone remixes of Nana and Factor B remix of North Star all coming out during the summer. Gig wise 2016 has been fantastic with gigs in Tokyo, Toronto and Moscow being some highlights. There are also some bootlegs of Eric Prydz, M83 and Westbam cooking up and brand new original music coming this summer. I have some 20-30 rough tracks done in the last 4-5 months, so it’s been busy times at studio.


TranceSound: Your upcoming performance for Inoki Party’s event in New York will be a producer set. For those that don’t know can you share exactly what that entails?

Orkidea: I’ll be playing my own productions, remixes, bootlegs, mashups and other people’s remixes of my music. So musically it will be the purest form of expression from me.


TranceSound: Will this be a producer set from start to finish or will you throw some surprises in the mix?

Orkidea: I’ll be previewing some unreleased and unheard music there as well and maybe thrown some old school curve balls in there as well. A good DJ set always includes some surprises right?

TranceSound: Of course, otherwise it can become pretty predictable. 



TranceSound: Are you excited to have the peak time slot since the previous performances you played were a part of an event showcase and you were given earlier slots?

Orkidea: Very much so! I’m super duper excited about this and it’s an honor to be one artist in Inoki’s great line up of recent guests. I love also the more progressive trance sounds and it’s nice to know there is also appreciation of that sound.


TranceSound: Your private remix of Eric Prydz’s track generate is amazing. Do you anticipate it ever seeing an official release?

Orkidea: Thanks! I’m 99% sure it will stay as an exclusive as Mr.Prydz is known for not showing lot of love for unofficial mixes of his music. Even if I’ve booked him to play at our party in Helsinki some years ago. Anyways it’s been nice to see so many people from PvD and Aly & Fila to Above & Beyond and Solarstone supporting it.


TranceSound: What is the most important you’ve learned after over 20 years in the business?

Orkidea: Be honest, keep your artistic integrity, work hard, be nice, develop, do great things with like-minded creative people, be yourself, help others and have lot of fun along the ride!


TranceSound: Do you have any other news or comments for our readers?

Orkidea: New York has a very special place in my heart and mind and thus I even made my Redemption music video from NYC footage. I hope this weekend will bring more unforgettable memories to all of us.


TranceSound: Thanks for your time and we look forward to your set!

Orkidea: Same here and hope to see you on the dancefloor!


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