Aradya presents Loneliness on OHM Music


Aradya presents Loneliness on OHM MusicAradya presents Loneliness on OHM Music

Aradya Arrives on OHM Music to Banish Your “Loneliness” with His Latest Release

If you’re feeling a bit lonely these days, in reality, you’re not alone. The entire world is in peril and it’s taking a major toll on the human condition. In suffering, sometimes there’s no better medicine than simply turning up the speakers and letting loose with a bit of music therapy. Aradya has the dose you need to get you feeling right, and while his offering may be labeled “Loneliness,” its effect will have you making a thousand friends on the dancefloor. It features a unifying rhythmic pulse, soothing tribal chant, and euphoric top-end soundwaves; Everything you need to send your loneliness off like dust in the wind.

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1. Aradya – Loneliness (Extended Mix) [OHM Music]
2. Aradya – Loneliness (Original Mix) [OHM Music]