Digital Society Recordings 2015 – The Yearmix – mixed by Cold Rush


Digital Society Recordings 2015 - The Yearmix - mixed by Cold RushDigital Society Recordings 2015 – The Yearmix – mixed by Cold Rush

At its best, Digital Society Recordings 2015 – The Yearmix is trying to shove a mosaic of sounds from their respected in-house artists into a collage, with tracks being noticeable by how special they are. At 25 tracks, and 2 hours of feelings and emotions, Digital Society Recordings 2015 – The Yearmix mixed by Cold Rush is much longer than 2014’s edition, which had no less than 18 tracks. However, sequencing is the heart of any compilation and DSR 2015 Yearmix palpitates from its sheer number and quality, being judged by how many different genres, sounds, ideas he can congeal into a coherent album. Cold Rush that is.

Erkki Abel & Robert Roost aka Cold Rush’s DSR 2015 Yearmix begins with a combo from the British duo Pearson & Hirst, notable for it’s transition, as these 2 tracks “Endor” and “Mind Games” could be easily accepted as a mashup-intro never-the-less. Let it be said that if “Endor” is who we all know from Star Wars series, than his “Mind Games” are playing a very important part in tightly-knit pine and redwood forests of the Forest Moon. If only these tracks are a reference/tribute to the movie itself, the guys did a very good job indeed!

The very next track of this compo, is Milan van Skyler’s radio edit of “Moonlight”, yet another great track for sure, that sounds like a follower of “Endor,” pretty much, Heaven on Earth. With these amazing trio, Cold Rush’s is going ahead and turning up the volume with a more aggressive but still heavenly “Crockett’s Theme” from Tarmo Tammel, just to come back right away to a more melodic-friendly tune of Milan van Skyler again, this time for “Vermilion” which is a chorus sound-a-like type of tune, with some elements of an electronic flute and arpeggio piano.

Cold Rush knows how to keep us intrigued with their choices of sound, by taking us straight to Aimoon & Ma2shek’s production that sounds like the outside of a dystopian Magicland with it’s dubstep fill-in for a moment or two and then slowly but surely shows its utopian sound, of a Paradise in the making.

So far, listening and experiencing each and every sound, like the way they want to portrait each track, you are reaching the sound of Dark Fusion’s “Ride the Wave,” a more energetic track that keeps us busy to what is about to come next with Touchstone remix of “Step Into the Light” from Fabio XB & Liuck featuring Christina Novelli’s amazing vocals, speeding up the tempo that builds with each and every track.

At its best, this compilation sounds like the boys of Cold Rush is taking us on a ride through the myriad of musical spaces they have inhabited over the years, with “Zero Gravity’ from Chris Metcalfe proving to be a pure example, followed by “Naranja” from Fast Distance. A fact which makes the album an enjoyable and not a stagnant ride, hampered by familiar sounds and impressions.

“High Vibration,” from Cold Rush vs. The Cracken, has a lot to offer, with its optimistic melodic line, spread across soft drums, cascading piano chimes and bright strings, makes it a very good choice for the compilation itself. The marching drums and mechanical sounds paired with grandiose voice of Eva Kade on Matt Chowski radio mix of Aimoon & Vlad Varel’s “One More Night” prepares us for TrancEye Remix of RAM’s “RAMnesia,” which makes it a huge contender for being the most chilled-out and one of the most hummed track of 2015, by all means.

And if this wasn’t enough for you, here’s “Shaman” from Amir Hussain, yet another example that Cold Rush can deliver. Then the album fades into “Fragments,” an upbeat Progressive-Trancy tune that starts with an epic intro for around 1:20 minutes and building itself to something else, beautifully crafted by Cold Rush himself, as the title is a personal message that ‘all fragments can be easily sticked together to recreate it’s initial shape and form.’ With that in mind, one can get ever closer to Allen Watts radio mix on “Life In Mono” from Amir Hussain, a huge resemblance of Cold Rush remix on “Beauty & The Beast” from Tarmo Tammel, being warped into a non-stop barrage of sound, and the melody of “This Is Our Time” is revealed. A track from Milan van Skyler again, his 3rd track and last from this compilation.

“Oblivion” from Tangle is every bit radio ready and with its inspired chord progression and its synths, sounds like an even grander beat, followed by UDM’s “Follow the Sun,” which is once more a very good choice from Cold Rush. The melodic line, percussions and strings, makes it a very good track altogether. Lyrically, the next track from Dark Fusion is rooted in nostalgia, with Jan Johnston recalling an urge to escape, to places she hasn’t been before, living on the edge, wanting something new in general on “Access All Areas.”

The next track, “Luminous,” from UDM again runs for just over 3 minutes, but that’s enough time for him to provide a vivid exposé of producer’s works, being able to create a dub masterpiece such as this, leading this multitude of wonderful tracks to an end with the amazing “Centum” from Mark Dior, which is yet another reminder that a sound compilation on annual basis, could last for a hundred years and as one said, “Trance music is made by special people for special people,” this compilation provides concrete evidence in the exact sense of the word.

Written by Cosmin Lukacs ( admin/founder)

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01. Pearson & Hirst – Endor (Radio Mix)
02. Pearson & Hirst – Mind Games (Radio Mix)
03. Milan van Skyler – Moonlight (Radio Mix)
04. Tarmo Tammel – Crockett’s Theme (Radio Mix)
05. Milan van Skyler – Vermilion (Radio Mix)
06. Aimoon & Ma2shek – Skyline (Radio Mix)
07. Dark Fusion – Ride the Wave (Radio Mix)
08. Fabio XB & Liuck feat. Christina Novelli – Step Into the Light (Touchstone Remix)
09. Chris Metcalfe – Zero Gravity (Radio Mix)
10. Fast Distance – Naranja (Radio Mix)
11. Cold Rush vs. The Cracken – High Vibration (Radio Mix)
12. Aimoon & Vlad Varel feat. Eva Kade – One More Night (Matt Chowski Radio Mix)
13. RAM – RAMnesia (TrancEye Remix)
14. Amir Hussain – Shaman (Radio Mix)
15. Cold Rush – Fragments (Radio Mix)
16. Amir Hussain – Life in Mono (Allen Watts Radio Mix)
17. Tarmo Tammel – Beauty & the Beast (Cold Rush Remix)
18. Milan van Skyler – This Is Our Time (Radio Mix)
19. Future Antics – Twin Flame (Radio Mix)
20. Tangle – Oblivion (Radio Mix)
21. UDM – Follow the Sun (Radio Mix)
22. Dark Fusion feat. Jan Johnston – Access All Areas (Radio Mix)
23. UDM – Luminous (Radio Mix)
24. Mark Dior – Centum (Radio Mix)
25. Cold Rush – Digital Society Recordings 2015 – The Yearmix (Continuous DJ Mix)


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Digital Society Recordings 2015 - The Yearmix - mixed by Cold Rush


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