Fergie and Sadrian presents Flashback on Pharmacy Music


Fergie & Sadrian presents Flashback on Pharmacy MusicFergie & Sadrian presents Flashback on Pharmacy Music

Fergie & Sadrian send Pharmacy Music out with a bang this year! Their seventh release of the year, Flashback, is sure to their biggest track yet. This has been a great year for the Argentine duo, playing at the world famous Groove nightclub in Buenos Aires, seven releases on Pharmacy, and an additional release on Pharmacy Plus.

Flashback is a galloping psychedelic ride with tribal influences. Fergie & Sadrian have perfected their sound on Flashback incorporating hints of trance with the clean punchiness of psy. An old school shimmering stab gives the track it’s signature Flashback sound. Take a ride with Fergie & Sadrian and enjoy a Flashback to the future.

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Fergie & Sadrian – Flashback (Original Mix)


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