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Througout time, a lot has been said about young people making a huge change, wether is music, art, management, especially IT and so on. But musically speaking, in over a decade I am running, I have realized in my very first few months, that there are major names, almost in their 30s, 40s and in their 50s as well; but there is yet another age, the young ones, which I always had the pleasure to interview, meet, know personally, that I was always under the impression, they are here to stay and 95% of them stood strong, still making their music, unique vibe and personal impression. The same way I feel about these two young lads from Los Angeles, they have what it takes to hear their music in the years to come. Remember their names and buy their music too; it worth every penny.

1. You signed your current tracks deal with Pharmacy Plus which is the newest imprint from Pharmacy Music, correct?

Synfonic: Yes we are team Pharmacy!!! Currently most of our tracks have been signed either through pharmacy plus or pharmacy music. We have upcoming tunes with Pharmacy and some might end up on Pharmacy Plus. Pharmacy Plus started in 2015 we believe and has been great for us because this label allows our creativity to flow from the deeper sounds to more techy sounds. We love the flexibility.

2. Let’s discuss differences for a second, as the Psy-Trance scene in the United States is far different, than European and Asian market. You guys have a mixture of trance with elements of psytrance, electro, complextro, tech trance, progressive house and classical music as well. What was it like adapting to the Psy-Trance culture in order to fit the bill for a Pharmacy Music’s A&R ?

Synfonic: That is a great question. Adapting to labels was something we strived for in the beginning but then realized that we should just create what we enjoy and not create something to satisfy a label. We’ve been lucky enough to work with Pharmacy’s both imprints. Our more “tech” sound works great with pharmacy plus and our more “psy” sound has worked with Pharmacy music. Regardless, we try to incorporate a distinctive sound, whether it is Pharmacy plus or Pharmacy music.

3. 2017 looks like it was a good year for you guys. You released ‘Supernatural’ which was named track of the month by Christopher Lawrence, along with two other tracks; ‘Inglorious’ and ‘Berzerker’ which went to #2 on Beatport’s Psy-Trance release chart. What’s next for 2018 on the creative front?

Synfonic: 2017 was a great breakthrough for us, we’ve felt that we created an entrance into the trance and psytrance community. ‘Supernatural’ was our first psy/tech fusion tune which caught the attention from Christopher Lawrence, which we still feel was unreal. ‘Inglorious’ and ‘Berzerker’ was our first debut EP which did very well. Our follow up singles ‘Metamorphosis’ and ‘Hatari’ did great this year. ‘Metamorphosis’ received various dj support and ‘Hatari’ broke the top3 on the psytrance charts.

4. Your latest compilation, ‘Innovations volume 1’ captures a uniqueness where listeners and fans can not only feel the music but become one with it, as if on a whole other psychotic universe! In your own words as a duo, what are you trying to convey to listeners through your special delivery?

Synfonic: We always felt our style was different whether it be through producing or deejaying. It’s not intentional but I think it comes from an energetic approach we have towards anything we do. Through that approach you can say a sense of uniqueness is created, which is great for the listeners because ultimately they are our biggest support.

5. I love your playlist choice on ‘Innovations Compilation Series volume 1’ and in all its fairness I hit replay on ‘Metamorphosis’ quite a few times. Utilize this time to let everyone know the who, what, why, when, where, and how of it! What expectations do you have with this compilation release?

Synfonic: We felt really honored when we got asked to create this mix. We carefully chose the tracks and wanted to include as many different artists as possible. Every artist has their own “sound” and contribution to Pharmacy plus. It was difficult to choose a single track from each artist but we tried our best. Collectively all the artists on that compilation are creating a buzz and we felt it was important to include them all in order to represent Pharmacy plus adequately.

6. Tell us a bit about the idea behind ‘Berzerker,’ where did you draw your inspiration from?

Synfonic: When we named the track we were thinking of rampage or something that destroys. This track was a little something different, we wanted to create a melodic tune but then DROP!!!! And destroy the floor. Hence BERZERKER!!!!! I definitely think it was our first “Tech trance” tune. It was a special tune and we wanted the name to be relevant. Sometimes we come up with track names that aren’t relevant at all, like our previous tracks “Panera” & “Sanya” which are based on food restaurants. We actually had dinner with Christopher Lawrence at “Sanya,” it’s a great all you can eat korean bbq place.

7. I am always curious about all these new and old industry names! Where does the name Synfonic derive from? Is it self-explanatory, as I know you are fusing some classical music / symphonic into your productions? Correct me if I am wrong.

Synfonic: Correct. When Christian and myself were trying to come up with a name for this project, we wanted to come up with a name that was not a real word. We figured it would be easier to attain the social media links. At the time our trance sound was very classical influence and we wanted to incorporate that into our music. So we thought of symphonies. We literally came up with this name when we were eating at a hamburger spot by our home. Synfonic was born.

8. What’s next for you boys? What upcoming projects are developing for 2018?

Synfonic: Well this year definitely has been great so far and we strive to make it even better in 2018. One of the main things for next year is that we will be collaborating with so many other artists. We are naming 2018 the year of the Synfonic collaborations. Working with other artists is great because as producers you’re always learning and growing. Maximizing multiple artist platforms definitely is better than just releasing a track on your own. We lined up quite a few collaborations with some very talented and well known artists, which we can’t name yet…. but we are very excited to work with. Easily, you can expect about 6 collaborations from us in 2018 and of course some singles from ourselves.

We are also excited to continue pushing our label we just started. We are focusing on providing a platform for new artists. We also started putting more focus onto our monthly radio show which is available on itunes podcast & youtube. We are also focusing on playing more shows. We just started doing shows and are excited to obtain more.

9. What would you say has been one of the most profound life lessons you experienced and grew from musically?

Synfonic: For myself (Jesse) one of the biggest lessons I incorporate to all aspects of my life is that, always take the chance and don’t be afraid to ask. If you never try, you’ll always fail and if you never ask, then answer is always no. Another thing I’ve learned from doing music over the years is that you can never please everyone and don’t take rejection personally. As an artist, your music gets rejected constantly and you cannot let that put you down. Out of hundreds of demos you sent out, all you need is one shot. A tune you created might be hated by someone, but loved by others. Just keep creating music and keep pushing it out.

10. As we wrap up is there anything else you would like the world to know about Synfonic?

Synfonic: YES!!! We would love to say that we have no intention to stop pushing our music. Originally this project was created for the love of trance music as a hobby and we will continue to showcase our music to anyone who is willing to listen. Love you all #Trancefamily

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