Karl Bush presents Immortal on Trancespired Recordings


Karl Bush presents Immortal on Trancespired RecordingsKarl Bush presents Immortal on Trancespired Recordings

Trance/Uplifting Trance. Release date: 24/01/2020

New talent here as Karl Bush makes his recording debut on Trancespired. You would never believe it however as he crafts his track like a pro.

“Immortal” is a track with tremendous driving energy. The intro captures the interest with tough kicks, a thumping bassline and squelching fx. The piano line then enters the fray before the phase down to the wonderful drop where the emotional piano takes centre stage. Some fantastic synth work then builds you up in anticipation for the drop which is so powerful. Take a listen and we are sure you will agree that this is one immense piece of work and sure to fit into many DJ’s playlists.

If that wasn’t enough for you we have also included a remix. We welcome back Tim Redding who is another extremely capable producer, and Dutchman Tim has delivered a peach of a remix here. He introduces a little more melody in the intro section but still keeps the power level high. The break he has created is nothing short of amazing, with again some fantastic synth work and an anticipation-enducing build. Then the drop and this track really takes off.

A simply stunning release with both tracks deserving your attention. Beware, it may be very difficult to pick which is your favourite, we love them both in equal measure.

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1. Karl Bush – Immortal (Original Mix)
2. Karl Bush – Immortal (Tim Redding Remix)


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