Khievo presents Crimson Sunset on OHM Music


Khievo presents Crimson Sunset on OHM MusicKhievo presents Crimson Sunset on OHM Music

Khievo sets his trajectory to the “Crimson Sunset” with his second offering on OHM Music!

It should come as no surprise that Khievo has been turning the watchful eyes of major artists and labels across the globe as he dishes out exquisite trance offerings like “Waterbourne”, “Hardaway” and of course, his debut OHM Music emotional heater, “Exception”. Feeding our souls with dance music meant for any occasion, location, and time, there is something wildly infectious and refreshing emanating from inside the studio of this Ukrainian taste-maker. With his nose to the grindstone, Khievo promises to continue to peek our interest, coming back for round two on OHM Music to discharge the vibrant reflection of the “Crimson Sunset”.

As the inviting tone of mainstage progressive trance bids us to look up to the sky, an echoing melody washes away all of our stress and ill feelings as we become captured in splashes of color emerging from the setting sun. This is a track that will sit you in a pocket of warmth, fueled by the consistent build, purified by euphoric sound waves, focused on those who yearn for music with peaceful ambiance. While reminding us of the beauty found not far off on the distant horizon, it is the marriage between musical imagery and the profound state of the human experience that unleashes the love on the dance floor. So, grab the ones you hold dear and join Khievo in his celebration of life set to the backdrop of the “Crimson Sunset”. Stay tuned as the release date is soon to be unveiled!

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Khievo – Crimson Sunset


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