Lee Cassells presents Impulse on OHM Music


Lee Cassells presents Impulse on OHM MusicLee Cassells presents Impulse on OHM Music

While some choose to navigate life with a well laid out plan of action, it is through our natural instinct to operate on impulse that adjusts our path, opening us up to new experiences that will forever alter destiny as we know it. When an impulse is met with reaction, like a lightning bolt through the soul there is no chance of stopping its thunderous effect. Forthcoming July 6, 2018, on OHM Music, Lee Cassells implores all of the creatures of the night to succumb to the divine nature of our rhythmic ‘Impulse’, motivating a vivid expulsion of energy on the dance floor!

Taking the concept of impulse and morphing it into a brilliant picture of sound, Lee Cassells bonds industrial tech-centric auditory flavors with an inspirational progressive flow that implores the body, mind, and soul, to follow the dark rhythms billowing call. It is in this moment that we let go of our primitive need to control our surroundings, allowing our animalistic impulse to take over our psyche, leading us to the precipice of a mind-warping leap into the great unknown.

With all caution thrown to the wind, we dive in, set free from the bondage of planned experience. Suddenly, we are met with the pulled back melodic accents of Bablak who consummates our impulsive journey as he scoops us up from the depths of Lee Cassells dark dimension, delivering us to new heights far beyond the shadow-soaked horizon. Enveloped in a full state of spiritual enlightenment born out of pure and unadulterated spontaneity, Bablak’s ​remix shows us that even the most overwhelming of influences can make way for a beautiful release under the electric atmosphere!

As Lee Cassells fashions the global dance community to embrace the concept of ‘Impulse’, make sure to stay locked in with OHM Music as they move forward on their quest to deliver more cutting-edge beats, adding energized detail to our unique soundtrack of life!

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Progressive House

Lee Cassells – Impulse (Bablak Extended Remix)


Lee Cassells – Impulse (Extended Mix)


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