Nico Cranxx presents Relentless EP on Trancespired Recordings


Nico Cranxx presents Relentless EP on Trancespired RecordingsNico Cranxx presents Relentless EP on Trancespired Recordings

The talented Indonesian producer, Nico Cranxx, makes his Trancespired debut with the stunning “Relentless EP”. The title track, “Relentless” starts as it means to go on with a full scale onslaught of tough, driving bass soon met up with solid kicks. Everything builds and adds perfectly up to one incredible breakdown with lovely padwork met with the pluck melody leading into the saw lead which builds up to the utterly fantastic drop. From here on in it is relentless indeed as the frantic energy will devastate dancefloors across the globe. If you like your uplifting trance to have a hard edge then look no further.

Moving onto track 2, Nico delivers some absorbing tech-trance with “Sakral”. Great intro sequence builds us up to the first drop and it is powerful! Lots of fx, vocal glitches and tough sounds converge to give you what you want in a tech release. The break is perfectly weighted to counter the solid opening, pulling us along slowly before slamming in with the main lead melody. The anticipation builds for the drop and – woah – it will not disappoint! Utterly superb release from Nico and one which deserves to be in the collection of all trance fanatics!

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1. Nico Cranxx – Relentless (Extended Mix)
2. Nico Cranxx – Sakral (Extended Mix)


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