Roman Messer presents Coming Home (Full Fire Mix) on Suanda Music


Roman Messer presents Coming Home (Full Fire Mix) on Suanda MusicRoman Messer presents Coming Home (Full Fire Mix) on Suanda Music

Roman Messer presents a brand new Full Fire mix of his record ‘Coming Home’!

Released almost exactly a year ago, the original of ‘Coming Home’, Roman Messer’s cover version of the revered classic, was the inaugural release on our Suanda Dance sublabel that officially marked Roman’s then-newfound dedication to exploring the mellow, slow, and casual-dancefloor-tailored sounds of housy dance music. Still, his love of uplifting trance never went away, as recently made very evident by the release of his latest artist album ‘For All Time’, and this new Full Fire version is a testament to that!

Dialing the tempo way up and turning ‘Coming Home’ into a driving uplifting record, Roman Messer gives the song an extra kick as he makes sure that it now fits into his high energy sets. It has everything you’ve come to expect from him in this corner of trance music – the instantly recognizable vocal lines float on top of the energetic synthwork, carried by the rolling bass for that soaring uplifting feeling that we all love. Revived for 2024 as yet another follow-up to his uplifting trance album, ‘Coming Home’ is his latest among his Full Fire updates of his slower and mellower hits – don’t miss it!

The Full Fire mix of Roman Messer’s ‘Coming Home’ is out now on Suanda Music!

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Roman Messer – Coming Home (Extended Full Fire Mix)


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