Exclusive interview with KhoMha (Restart feature)


KhoMhaExclusive interview with KhoMha (Restart feature) for TranceSound.net

With yet another track that places itself to become an anthem, KhoMha’s latest release “Restart” along Mike Schmid became the track that many people is humming it’s melodic line. This interview in particular, reflects a different, unique rediscovered sound of KhoMha, something that he did say that he “wanted it to be memorable,” so we can all agree with him on that!

1. Your last joint venture with Mike Schmid on “Restart” is hailed as one of the best projects of the year. How do you describe the feeling of getting so much attention in such a very short time ?

KhoMha: The feedback from the people it’s been amazing! I put a lot of work on this track, I wanted it to be memorable. This is my first vocal production is something different coming from me going more in the melodic/beautiful side than the heavy-driving basslines that I usually produce. I’m really happy with the result.

2. This is your very first vocal track collaboration ever. What made you choose this type of production ?

KhoMha: I always had in mind that my first vocal track had to be something that touch the people hearts, very anthemic and powerful. I think “Restart” has a message for everyone, is strong, and it’s coming from the soul of the vocalist. That’s why I chose this track.

3. The track “Restart” has a very distinct message. The lyrics speaks for themselves. How much was your involvement in relation to that ?

KhoMha: I was blown away when I heard the vocal for the first time. It was perfect for what I was going through my life in that moment. I think the lyrics are perfect for every human being, sometimes life gets tough, sometimes you just have to restart.

4. How did this collaboration with Mike came about and how has your experience been with him so far ? Perhaps a new track in the pipe line in the near future ?

KhoMha: It was a great experience to work with such and amazing artist! “Restart” track is doing good at the moment so projects in the future are a possibility.

5. I gotta say it! Your music style seems like it could go either way: Progressive/Electro or Trance. How do you define your sound ?

KhoMha: When I started making music I wanted my music to be unique. I wanted to combine all the influences I have in one single style. Artist like Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Chemical Brothers, Armin Van Buuren, Steve Angello, Axwell were big influences while I was discovering my sound. My music is a mix of Progressive/House/Electro, Techy grooves and Trance elements. All of that is called “KhoMhaStyle”

6. In the last couple of months, you have been all over the place, You have opened up for some pretty big names from all over the world. Were you able to connect with any of those artists and maybe even discuss any future productions/collaborations ?

KhoMha: It’s been such an great experience, having the opportunity to share stage with those amazing artists. I’ve been making a lot of new friends in the industry, and yes there are some projects I’ve been working in the last month, so keep in touch.

7. As far as a production/remix situation do you have any big announcements ?

KhoMha: Yes! Actually my next release is a track that Armin Van Buuren debuted on his mainstage set at Tomorroworld and that I also played at the massive ASOT Mexico City. The reaction from the crowd it’s been amazing every time I spin the track. It will be release in the middle of December.

8. You have said once that you are ”aspiring to take on the global DJ scene.” Are you having any doubts with that weight on your shoulders ?

KhoMha: Sometimes life takes you through difficult times, but if you believe in yourself even the sky won’t be your limit.

Interview made by Cosmin Lukacs (TranceSound.net admin/founder)

KhoMha feat. Mike Schmid presents Restart on Armada Captivating / Armada Music


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